S2E13 – Vulture: Undercover Boomer

Season 2 Episode 13: Shriek of the Vulture

Episode Recap – 2:17
Review – 28:57
Comic Origins – 35:41

The Vulture is in town, ready to throw away a life of bathrobe zoom calls in favour of taking to the skies as New York’s latest green spandex foe. He’s also using the tablet of time to turn children into instant boomers and continues the tradition of kidnapping the Osborn family.

We also dive into the comic origins of Adrian Toomes, from his humble origins to ageist bullying, cannibalism, and robot love curing cancer. It’s a wild ride.

Comic panels and other additional notes

A podcast for no one. If we get anything wrong, a wizard did it.


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Intro/Outro: Razonix – Synthwave Spiderman

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