S2E12 – Once Upon A Time Poncho

Season 2, Episode 12: Ravages of Time

Recap – 2:58
Review – 28:43
Comic Origins – 33:50

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Silvermane wants to live until the totally-not-barren cultural landscape of the 2000s with his time pyramid and time poncho at the ready – but before then he’ll have to go up against the ED-209 of this show, the Mega Slayer. Before long, we’ve got a cavalcade of kidnappings, Clark Kent acrobatics and a pitch for a new Ted Danson project.

Despite his sleep deprivation, Jack has some comic book origins to discuss too – with the wild ride of Silvermane’s tragic unbirth and Pro Evo cyborg body breaking Henry’s brain.

Comic panels and other additional notes

A podcast for no one. If we get anything wrong, a wizard did it.


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